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   Mar 28

Cheaper Prices For The Lifetime And Mantis Dual Chamber Composters

If you often collect kitchen scraps and the like but do not know what to do with them, well, what you need is a good composter or compost tumbler. This is somewhat like a machine that turns waste products into something very useful. Not all people may need a composter. But if you do have a garden at home or are planning to put up one, then you must really get a composter. It's a good thing we know a pretty good source for such an item.

   Mar 21

Vegetable Gardening Advice for Beginners: Easy to Grow Vegetables

Many suburban homes have unused space, especially in the backyard, that can be turned into a thriving vegetable garden with little effort. All that is required is a little knowledge and careful planning. Beginners are usually at a loss as to where and how to start. But there is help. 'Starter Vegetable Gardens' by Barbara Pleasant is a book that has everything a newbie needs to get started and is the definitive book on vegetable gardening for beginners. You can also find lots of information online, for instance read about organic vegetable gardening for beginners at Sustainable Suburbia or using vegetable planters at Garden Bound Home. But in the meantime, lets talk about choosing some easy growing vegetables.

Depending upon the space, time, energy and determination you have, you can start with any vegetable that suits your taste and, of course, the climate of your area. But as a beginner it would be best to choose from the really easy to grow vegetables. Greens beans, peas, carrots, radishes and tomatoes fall in this group. Leafy vegetables like lettuce and spinach are also great for beginners. These vegetables grow quickly and do not require a great deal of attention. Also, they can be grown almost anywhere where good soil, water and sunlight are available. These factors make them ideal for  beginners.

Before starting your garden, it is important to have a plan. A plan gives you direction and a sense of purpose, which is essential for accomplishing anything. Having a theme is also advisable. This makes it easier for you to decide what exactly you want in your garden. If your theme is a salad garden, then you can grow vegetables that go in salad. But the great thing is that many of the easiest go with any kind of theme. Barbara Pleasant's book has 24 fail-safe, small-scale garden plans that are a great help in choosing your theme and making your plan.

Whatever the theme, beginners are advised to start with beans. Green beans - especially bush beans - are among the fastest and easiest vegetables to grow. Green beans are essentially summer vegetables, and in the right condition they grow in such abundance that they can feed the entire family for months. But the best thing about them is that once planted they practically grow on their own. Radishes and carrots are also great for beginners. There are a great many varieties of both vegetables and they come in many different colors. They are also packed with vitamins and fibers. They like cool climate with lots of sunshine. Leafy plants like lettuce and spinach are not only easy to grow; they also add beauty to your garden. And then there the tomatoes that are a permanent fixture in so many recipes. They require warm weather and lots of water, but can be left pretty much unattended once planted.

If you really want to know more and have been toying with the idea of turning the unused space around your house into a vegetable garden then consider buying or borrowing 'Starter Vegetable Gardens'.

   Mar 09

Why I Highly Recommend That You Rent an Aerator

As a landscaper, I have aerated a lot of lawns, and I've even seen a lot of lawns that have been aerated by hand. I think that the best way for you to aerate your lawn is by using a core aerator. Since they are very expensive to buy and since very few people have an aerator, I suggest that you use an aerator rental. Don't worry about getting insurance on the aerator rental since these machines are virtually indestructible, but do get a high quality gas powered core aerator.

This machine isn't that difficult to use. Its’ a little bit difficult to turn around if you have never turned one around before, but the way that it works is pretty simple.  All you do to use it is to put the tires in the ground and then pull the throttle cable that allows the machine to go forward. Aerators only go forward. They don't go in reverse for obvious reasons. I highly recommend that you get a lawn aerator rental because it does a really good job. If you're trying to do by hand, it is going to be hard for you to go over your whole lawn twice, it will take you a lot of time and a lot of work. However if you're using an aerator rental you can quickly and effectively go over your whole lawn twice, and you will be a will to do this in less than an hour for most lawns.

If you're going to get an aerator until you should definitely get a core aerator. Don't get a spike aerator because Spike aerators just don't last as long they don't do as good of a job on your lawn.  In addition,  core aerators also puts plugs on the top of your lawn which act kind of like a light top dressing. And they can help your lawn out in a lot of ways.

   Jan 12

Gardening in An Easy, No-Fuss Way

Small Vegetable Garden

A Small Vegetable Garden

For some people gardening is seen to be something that requires too much attention and is thus too much work. However, with ongoing research on gardening and the innovations that result from them, home gardeners have now found their own method to do gardening in an easy, no-fuss way. If you are planning to redefine your home and backyard with the least hassle possible then you will be delighted to find out that there are lots of gardening methods and techniques to explore. Even if you have a little garden, you can make a huge difference out of it.

Whether you're starting on your first vegetable gardening, planning to plant flowers fronting your house or exploring the lasagna gardening method, the top three considerations that you have to keep in mind are these - soil quality, water access and weather. If all of these three factors work well together, then you are guaranteed to have a hassle-free gardening work.

Choosing the right site, whether in a vacant lot or in your garden, is an essential consideration. Make sure that the soil is perfect for the kind of plants, flowers or crops you intend to plant, the weather is fine (not too hot and not too shady) and there's a convenient access to water. Other complicated considerations that a first-time gardener may come across includes composting techniques, pest control, pesticide applications and many more can be learned along the way.

Everything that you need to know in planting and cultivating a home garden is now fairly accessible these days. The good thing about this all is that most of the instructional materials are not just formatted in a do-it-yourself way, but are also highly accessible and free of charge. Basically the capital of the whole gardening venture lies on your own solid interest and passion to do gardening. If you managed to secure that, then everything will follow smoothly.

   Jan 09

The Problem Of How To Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are the remains of a tree after it is removed, the actual piece above the tree roots. Under typical circumstances, these stumps usually are left alone. However, in some locations such as the city, neighborhoods, or perhaps your own front yard, these stumps could be a problem. Primarily due to the fact that to remove tree stumps will be the most challenging part of removing a tree.

There are plenty of ways to eradicate tree stump problems, but they can vary when it comes to ease and cost. The best, but most expensive way, is to rent a grinder, or employ a professional who will do everything on your behalf. A grinder is a device which comes down on tree stumps and then actually grinds them until eventually nothing remains. Another solution might be burning the stump of the tree. This specific approach may be very economical, though it has its downsides. First, the actual fire may turn out to be risky, particularly in cases where the stump is located alongside more trees. These flames can jump out and burn other plants, or possibly set off a bigger blaze. Also, fire creates smoke, which is often distressing for other people. In addition, depending on your location, it could be illegal.

People can physically dispose of the tree stump on their own, with the aid of pitch forks, shovels, and saws, in order to methodically eat away at the tree stump and dig it out of the ground. For people who don't wish to use pricey machinery, chance burning down their house, or work tediously, there are lots of tree stump removal chemical products readily available. These products, whose fundamental ingredient is Potassium Nitrate, do the job by accelerating the decaying process. After the stump has rotted, in 4-6 weeks, the remnants will easily break into bits.

As mentioned earlier, stumps of trees are generally harmless. Furthermore, in certain gardens, tree stumps might be utilized as seats or even tables. Due to this fact, full-blown tree removal might not be called for.



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